Easy Mango Ice cream

Mango season is not really complete without a taste of mango ice cream. I was bitten by this bug some time back but kept postponing. Whatever few mangoes we bought vanished before I could save some for ice cream making. Finally some 12 luscious juicy  mangoes were delivered from an orchard , very oragnic, naturally ripened. I rushed to the task  and realized it was so easy  just putting some ingredients together and blending. This has got to be the smallest simplest recipe ever . The freezing part was one agonizing wait !!

Your kids will do it too as there is no cooking involved.


1 1/2  cups mango pulp .
1 can  condensed milk ( I used my home made condensed milk )
3/4  cup whipping cream (  Amul , or any whipping cream powder also can be used. )
1/2 cup milk powder.


Blend well all ingredients one by one in the blender, first mashing the mango pulp,  till smooth and creamy. 

Then add the condensed milk, milk powder, whipping cream  ( which should have been whipped before   to medium  stiff peaks )

Pop in the freezer, preferably over night , 

Scoop out delicious mango ice cream next day..

No blending required in between. If you still feel you must  blend once again in between , go ahead and do it..( I assure you , you will not require , any more blending in between freezing) 

Extra sugar has not been added as condensed milk is sweet and the mangoes are also of the sweeter variety.
(Taste the final blended mixture for sweetness to check if you need any more sugar. I found this just right ).

Garnish with mango dices for serving or a sprinkle of nuts.

You will note after freezing this ice cream remains  frozen but very creamy and easy to scoop out not rock hard and icy.

Mash the mango pieces to pulp

Whip cream  to stiff peaks

Adding my home made condensed milk ( you can add regular Milkmaid or Amul Mithai  mate

Blended to rich and creamy texture. 

Filling an appropriate sized container, smooth en the top before popping into the fridge for that smooth finish.

The pic below shows I havent  smoothened the top...:-)