Sweet Lassi ( using skimmed milk yogurt )

Lassi is a delicious blend of yogurt, cream and sugar, fruit or honey or even fruit syrups.
A most sought after cool beverage  during the hot summer months when yogurt based drinks chilled are just right to cool your hot bodies and quench your thirst .

Traditional Lassi is a typical blend of thick yogurt, cream and spices both the salt Lassi and Sweet Lassi are the favourites of most Indians.

There are so many delicious ways to serve this heavenly drink, by whipping gently to get a frothy  drink,  thick fresh curds , milk, and blending with honey or fruit syrup, a sprinkle of slivered nuts, pinch of aromatic cardamom powder and the ultimate , a thick dollop of clotted cream on top of the tall glass of lassi.
After this, you do not need to  eat anything .

Lassi is a very common drink available in all sections of society particular in Punjab and other Northern states.One of the most popular beverages served in Punjab and invariably every household serves Lassi to the guests.

Sweet lassi is prepared by blending yogurt, milk, water and sugar until frothy. Chill it and enjoy in the summer season as it is the most refreshing drink. Sometimes served with blended sweet of Khoya called “paira”, or used with a huge ball of homemade butter in it. It is consumed by over one billion Asians throughout the world. With its smooth, cool and refreshing taste, it is the perfect accompaniment to the hot and spicy flavours that epitomize Pakistani cuisine. This traditional drink is economical and plentiful in Pakistan, where cows and buffalo provide an overflow of dairy-based recipes.

Lassi serves to cleanse the palate alongside spicier foods. It aids digestion and is a healthy addition to any balanced diet. Lassi is 100 per cent natural and is free from artificial coloring s, preservatives and flavorings. Besides offering health benefits, lassi is also indulgent and can be enjoyed with or between meals. The modern version of lassi includes many fruits like mango lassi, strawberry lassi but they are like smoothies. 


1.5 cups of thick yogurt ( I used skimmed milk yogurt )
1/2 cup Skimmed milk
1/2  tbsp rose syrup for a flavor.
Pinch of cardamom powder
1 tbsp honey to sweeten.


Blend Yogurt, milk and add the flavorings to a frothy mixture.Top with slivered nuts, add honey to sweeten, pinch of cardamom powder.

Serve chilled in tall glass.


You can make a traditional Lassi by using full fat milk, sugar.yogurt and serve with clotted cream on top  after a garnish of nuts  .