Pepper Vadai ( Aanjaneyar Vadai )

Two silly mistakes turned out very well...

Something ordained Iam sure about this post as I started out preparing Sweet  Pongal and absentmindedly added milk and started the cooking , half way through I realized my mistake albeit a sweet one that I was on my way to preparing Akkaravadisal and not Sakkara Pongal/. So be it ! I thought to myself. The Gods want it! The recipe is given in an earlier post.

Curiously I wasn't done with the mistakes in cooking, next on agenda was making vadas , the usual udad dal/black gram dal vadas and how can anyone go wrong in that.!

Well I managed to make some big time error. The dal was ground as usual for vadas, but I wasn't getting  the usual consistency, It was too coarse and , thick and lumpy. I decided to try anyway but knew very well I was on my way to disaster. Tested couple of vadas , deep fried and knew instantly the batter was not good for soft , crispy  vadas  as I normally make , then I hit upon the idea of making Aanjaneyar vadai or the pepper vadai which is also a great prasad offered to Lord Hanuman. Wow! Two Godly mistakes , perhaps the Gods were  demanding their dues.

Aanjeneyar vadai or Milagu vadai / Pepper vadai is a great tasty offering to lord Anjeneya/ Shri Hanuman this pepper vadai is made into a vadai mala by passing a thick string through the holes of the crispy vadais and  garlanding the deity during Hanuman Jayanthi and other religious days.

It is possible to recreate the same crispy vadai in our homes with patience .


1 cup udad dal
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp rice flour
salt to taste
Oil to deep fry


Soak the udad  dal in water for 30 minutes to an hour, drain well.

Meanwhile powder the pepper coarsely.

Grind the udad dal coarsely without adding water, remove and add rice flour, salt, pepper powder to the thick coarse paste.

Keep the kadai to heat with oil.

Take a small piece of the rough batter and make a thin round of it using a plastic or banana leaf which is greased, make a small hole,deep fry till half done, remove and drain, similarly finish up the batter

making such half cooked vadai, then again refry all the vadai to get a crispy vadai like we get in the temples.

Another easy way of making uniform discs of vadai is to place a small ball of batter in a greased plastic  sheet, place another greased sheet on top and pressing gently with a flat round cup, this way we will get even discs of crispy vadai when fried and easy to make garland too.


You need to make a thin disc of the vadai. For this the batter should be thick and rough.

Adding some new pics of the steps..

Coarsely ground rough batter with very little water.

Use greased ziploc cover, keep a small ball, place another plastic sheet on top, pres lightly with a flat bottomed cup or tumbler for perfect rounds, make a small hole in the centre  

Press lightly with the cup