My Lunch 14.......

When ever I am pining for my hometown Dharwad, North Karnataka, I fix myself a rustic farmers plate, with an odd south Indian dish thrown in as I do have to cook for other family members too and they are not familiar with such a plate as this  one. Believe me, this simplicity and rusticity is what makes it so appealing.

1. Kumabalakayai kayi Huli  means white pumpkin cooked in sour spiced buttermilk with some coconut, something similar to our Mor Kuzhambu.

2. Rasam

3, Chow chow kootu

4. Curd Rice.

5. Chutney pudi ( red chiilies, piece  of tamarind and garlic roughly pounded with salt to make a tasty dry chutney to go with the rustic rotla.

6. Bajra roti which is gluten free so cannot be rolled like normal rotis over with a rolling pin , instead the dough is placed between palms and patted to roughly make a round shape and baked over the wood or coal fires.

Such a meal like pure bliss when the simplicity is overwhelming .