Chickpeas sundal/Chana Sundal

 'Chickpeas / Chana sundal makes a great healthy y tasty sundal. Sundal is basically any lentil or gram which is soaked in water overnight and then pressure cooked to make yummy tasty seasoned salad.


1 cup garbanzo/ chickpeas/ Chana
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp split udad dal 
2 red chillis
1 tsp sundal powder

Pinch of asafoetida powder
2 tbsp grated fresh coconut.
sprig sof curry leaves to garnish
2 tsp coconut oil
salt to taste.
 2 green chilli


Soak the chickpeas overnight, then pressure cook in the morning with little salt.
When the chickpeas have cooled down after removing from the pressure cooker., prepare to season them

In a pan, add the oil, let it heat up, add mustard seeds, let it pop., add split udad dal, ad the drained cooked chana, add all other ingredients, stir well.Grind fresh coconut with green chillis in the mixie to a coarse dry  paste.Add this to the sauteing sundal. add salt, garnish  with cury leavs.

I have chosen pics from Navaratri to show the relevance of making sundal around the festival days.

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