Salad Bhel

Does any one really need to know how to make a salad bhel ?  Bhel is India's signature chaat  Item
and one has different ways of making it.

The beauty of Bhel is there is no particular recipe if you ask me, throw ingredients together, add the sweet sour , spicy chutney, sprinkle all  kinds of savories, mixture, sev, fruits, pomegranate  and anything you like to go into one.

I do not have the patience to make a typical Bhel , so every time I have a salad and some left over it ends up as a bhel and there is no trace of any vegetable left over.

My Salad bhel

1. Left over salad vegetables, not too much though.
2. Green chutney which is basically a blend of coriander leaves, green chillis, mint leaves , ginger and some lime juice, whiz it all and make a light green but spicy chutney.Add Kaala namak, or black salt .

3. Add some fried sev , roasted sev if you can get them , saves you feeling guilty!, some boondis, paapdis

4. Pomegranate seeds if you have or else omit, essentially we are  constructing a bhel out of left over salad, so doesnt matter if some of the usual ingredients are not readily available.

5. For the meetha chutney/ sweet chutney, make a date chutney with some red chili powder, add some jaggery and dilute it. Add the kaala namak and you have it ready.

6.  I go one step further by cheating !! usually we have stock of date syrup in the house used to sweeten many dishes instead of using sugar, so I just use the date syrup and add the red chili powder, dhania jeera powder , also which I keep in stock, add pinch of mango powder and my sweet chutney is ready!!
No boiling etc, its a quick solution to have instant sweet or meetha chutney.

7. Some chopped onions, freshly chopped coriander leaves, lime wedges complete the Bhel preps.

Thats it, assemble the bhel by using your salad vegetables, add the cracked papdis, or even paani pooris broken coarsely, add all the spices and then the toppings , finally the sev. Enjoy quick bhel at home guilt free.