Roasted Red bell pepper chutney ( with coconut )

In my earlier posts I have shared the recipe for roasted bell pepper chutney, which has a difference.
I used tomatoes and no coconut in that recipe. 

In this recipe Iam using roasted bell peppers which Iam greatly fond of by making a chutney using gram dal, roasted pepper and some coconut.

This makes a great  lip smacking chutney , using coconut gives a different taste and coconut lovers will adore this chutney.

Once in a while I think this recipe can be tried even though some coconut is used. 
As usual a great accompaniment for idlis, dosas and pongal. Great to mix with plain white rice and have with some papad.

I always like to make even the chutneys healthy by using more vegetables and in that this particular chutney is one of my favourites.


2  Red bell peppers medium size, chopped .

2 green chillis 

1 small piece of ginger grated

1 small berry size tamrind.

Salt to  taste.

Pinch of asafoetida powder

1/2  coconut  grated 

3 tbsp  fried gram dal ( pottukadalai )
2 tbsp sesame oil preferably

To temper

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1 red dry chilli

Method :

1. In a pan ,add some oil, add the chopped peppers, green chillis , asafoetida powder and roast them well.

2.When cooled, grind in the mixie with the grated fresh coconut,  fried gram dal and salt .

3. Ad sprinkles  of water to help grind to athick consistency.

4. Temper with mustard seeds by crackling in sesame oil and adding 1 red dry chilli to the tempering.

Save this chutney recipe  to your  collection, Will come handy :-)