Quick Veg and Herb sandwiches

Very tasty, filling and healthy if you use whole wheat bread rolls .

This is excellent for morning rush on the go kind of snack and yo can pack it quickly for the school too.
Use your imagination to fix this tasty veg and herb sandwich rounds.


Whole wheat bread rolls or hamburger buns.
Vegetables like peeled , sliced cucumbers, Babbage leaves, lettuce leaves, grated carrots
Slices  of firm tomatoes.
Lots of fresh greens like finely chopped spring onion greens, spinach ribbons .
Grated mozzarella or any cheese of your choice, cheese slices also work well.

1. 1 tsp of oregano dried
2. dried rosemary .

3. 1 tsp of Italian mixed herb seasonings.
1/2 tsp chili flakes

1/4 tsp white pepper powder.

Salt to taste.


 Take a flat pan, apply some butter on the slices of breads or hamburger rounds, toast lightly , then assemble the sandwiches the way you like.

While toasting , sprinkle all the seasonings on the rolls so they are coated well.