Poori and sabzi

One of the most popular breakfast item though deep fried is the popular POORIS which  are nothing but small discs made of  either whole wheat flour or all purpose flour. and deep fried  to get a lovely puffed up look.

Dont think any one needs a recipe for poori, but this is for the very new to the kitchen kind, so experts move on..:-) Bachelors may also find it useful.

Normally this is paired with Potato masala called  Aaloo ki sabzi , a delectable combination of potatoes cooked with onions, green chiils and some mild spices . Makes a perfect companion for Pooris. 
Sometimes in restaurants we are also served another wonderful side dish called Kurma which  is again another heavenly experience with Pooris.


To make Pooris

1 cup whole wheat flour.
2 tbsp semolina ( sooji )
Pinch of salt
Water as needed to make a soft firm  dough.
Oil for deep frying.


In a deep bowl, add the flour, salt and  the semolina, mix dry ingredients well, then add just enough water to make firm but smooth dough.

Although Pooris can be made immediately, you can also leave it for 15 minutes before rolling out small discs.

Pinch off small balls of dough, flatten lightly on the board, dust with flour if need be, ,roll out Small discs. slightly thicker than a chapati.

Keep the oil to heat , drop a small bit of dough to check if the oil is hot enough.
The dough will sizzle in the oil and come up. That means the oil is ready and you slide the rolled disc of poori gently into the oil and lower the flame to medium and with the spatula, gently press the centre of the poori in the oil to enable it to puff up and then leave it in the oil, flip over carefully on the other side to get an even golden brown colour, drain on kitchen towels.

Make a few pooris at time and fry , do not crowd the pan.

Serve hot pooris with potato masala and kurma.

The recipes for the two side dishes are already given in the blog, click on the link to get the recipe.

1. Ras wale Bateta nu shaak a popular Gujarati side dish which goes very well with pooris

2. Veg Kurma..Restaurant style

3. Potato masala as served in Masala dosa can also be served with Pooris.