My Lunch.......3

On some days  especially on week ends my lunch plate has a mish mash of dishes. I succumb to the wishes  of my family members and literally take lunch orders!! But it is enjoyable once a week as I get to taste everything in small portions. Lucky me!!

Seen in this plate I have phulkas, Dal fry, Roasted green tomatoes chutney, Matar Paneer, white plain rice,
Carrot and Beans Mor kuzhambu., Vattal kuzhambu, fried vadams ( rice wafers )

Get the recipes here and prepare this lunch for a week end. It is not so difficult as it looks,  if you can do the preps in advance.

You can also choose from this menu, for instance skip the Vattal kuzhambu and stick to Mor kuzhambu only.

1. Dal fry

2. Roasted Green tomatoes chutney

3. Matar Paneer

4. Vattalkuzhambu

5.Mor Kuzhambu with carrots and Beans

( I have used carrots and beans , but basic recipe is the same as I have posted in my blog )