My lunch....1.

It makes things easier , if  you can see a simple laid out plate for lunch and the options  are there right in front of you.

It is almost as if you can choose the plate with the dishes and ordering from a menu. My humble lunch plate which I will try to post as many as possible during the coming days. I had been posting such pics almost everyday  in various food groups, and then a thought struck me.Why not post the same here for you to pick and choose.  Desserts are left out as we do not eat desserts everyday and it is thing of rarity. Yo can choose from the list of desserts , a small collection to fix your sweet tooth.:-)

All you need to do is click on relevant recipe links, get the recipe and get going.

The lunch plate above has the following.

1.Tomato  Rasam

2.Araichavitta sambar with mulangis and drumsticks.

3.Spicy Jeera Aaloo 

4.Chow chow /chayote kootu

5. Curd rice with finely chopped chilis and ginger.

6. Potato chips

7. Plain white rice.