My Lunch 11

I can very well call this my mini lunch as my portion is very small. Just 1 cup rice and the rest is veggies.

Somedays this will suffice and I feel great for the whole day, light and energetic and keeps me brisk.

The fried items are for the family members and I have just displayed for the pic. you can switch to non fried wafers or roasted papad or even do away with it!!

The simple menu consists of. my favourite, Chow chow kootu, plain dhania jeera bhindis, beetroot stirfry, my favourite okra pachadi/vendakayi pachadi, Rasam as usual without which a meal is not complete.

The vermicelli payasam/semiya kheer was to indulge my daughter once in a while, and curd of course with the mandatory touch of mixed pickle.

So get the recipes and get cooking .

1.Chayote kootu/chow chow kootu

2. Dhania jeera Bhindis/okras

3. Beet root Stirfry./poriyal 

4. Okra Pachadi/vendakai pachadi 

5. Rasam 

6.vermicelli kheer/ semiya payasam

All these dishes are very easy and first timers will not find it difficult.