Mini Tiffin ........1

Iam sure any one will love to have a mini tiffin like this, I know I would, infact even while posting this, I was feeling hungry.

You can make such simple combinations and surprise your family on week ends where leisurely breakfasts will be a pleasure , not to mention the inevitable steaming cup of filter coffee to round it off, well I usually pamper myself and my family this way on week ends where there is no tearing hurry to do jobs or run errands,time unwinding itself in  a lazy saunter.

The dishes quite obvious..

1. ven pongal

2. Crispy dosa

3. Gothsu

4.Coriander chutney

5. coconut chutney

6.Rava kesari ( semolina ).

7.Mini idlis dunked in tiffin sambar  ( same as normal idlis batter ).