Khara Boondi

South Indian Diwali mixture Tamilnadu mixture khara boondi

Khaara Boondi is a favorite snack to one and all, come Diwali and this is prepared feverishly to add to many other snacks specially Mixture/Chivda the Southern version of the North Indian mixture. By itself also this is a great snack to much , especially when spiced with chilli powder, curry leaves.

The pepper boondi is also a great way to have some spicy snacks with tea.

Boondi ladoo, the kind that is prepared as prasad in The Tirumala temple Tirupati is the ultimate Indian sweest to have. Very tasty, simple and divine. 

Let us see how to prepare this tasty crunchy snack.


1 cup sieved fresh gram flour
2 tbsp rice flour
1 tsp chili powder
Pinch of asafoetida powder
Salt to taste.
Water as needed to make a slightly thick batter.
Oil for deep frying.
A sieved plate or even  a  flat ladle with the small holes ,  will do if making in small quantities. 


In a bowl, add the flours, salt, red chili powder, asafoetida  powder and make a thick batter of pouring consistency.
You need to test the batter by first preparing one small ladle of boondi.

In deep kadai/pan heat the oil for frying, not too hot but enough to sizzle the boondis when they fall in the hot oil.

Take a ladle full of batter and apply on the sieved palte and allow the battle to fall naturally through the holes to get the perfect round or oval shaped boondi. If too much tails or thin boondis are forming, the batter must be thin, then you need to thicken it a bit and help the batter fall through the sieve ino the oil by gently smearing the ladle on the batter through the holes.

Wait for the boondis to brown lightly and do not crowd too much in the kadai, or else they will clump together. Drain well on kitchen towel, and continue to use up left over batter.

Keep an eye on the flame and do not allow it to smoke, after a point it has to be kep contiounsly on the sim.

As I used Kashmiri chili powder, the boondi looks fiery , but spicy really.

You can now make any spicy snack by adding some curry leaves, fried cashewnuts and chilli powder.
You can also add it to make mixture.

The fiery red colour of the mixture is due to Kashmiri chili powder.