Healthy Kodo Millet rice ( Varagu arisi saadham )

I am super excited to find the amazing possibilities of using this wonder grain Kodo millets in everyday recipes.
Just a simple switch from rice to millets without altering taste or texture and added benefits of the power packed millets . The Millet nutrition details have already been discussed at length in my previous posts using millet recipes.

Very often most medical practitioners advise patients to avoid or reduce the consumption of rice  to those whose main diet consist of rice on account of the higher glycemic index.
As  a result there seems to be a huge wave of finding exciting alternatives, surprisingly nothing new it seems as they were   already known to our elders who were consuming these millets in various forms but largely as porridge.

I decided to go a step further like many others to hunt the possibilities of using this as a simple replacement for rice and still continue to enjoy the dishes in its original form. So we rolled out some recipes for Millet dosas, Millet Idlis, Millet upma, Millet Pongal.

Having found it good, I decided to simply pressure cook millets for everyday  meal to consume with Rasam, Sambar and Yogurt , the three basic eating habits of the typical South Indian.


2 cups kodo millets/ Varagu arisi
3 1/2 cups water 


Just as we normally cook rice in pressure cooker, the same procedure to be adopted.
Clean and wash the millets well and then measure 3 1/2 cups of water , add it to the millets and pressure cook for upto 3 whistles only or even 2.

The reason being , the millet grain is smaller and cooks easily, open stove cooking may also be tried but we are used to the pressure cooking method.

Let it cool , fluff it with a fork and yuo will get perfectly cooked  almost rice like texture of millets.
You can mix this with rasam , Sambar or Yogurt as we normally do with regular white rice.