Green peas stuffed pooris

Pooris stuffed with spicy green peas masala


1 Cup flour consisting of whole wheat flour+2 tbsp rava+3 tbsp multigrain flour
Pinch of salt for the poori dough.
Masala ingredients
½ cup cooked green peas.
2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
2 small green chillies

½ tsp fennel powder or saunf seeds
½ tsp coriander powder/seeds
½ tsp cumin seeds/powder
Salt to taste
1 tbsp oil to bind the dough for poori
Oil for deep frying.


First prepare a little stiff dough for pooris with the whole wheat flour.,rava,multigrain flour ( doesn’t matter if you have only whole wheat flour, use it with rava to get a crispy poori)
Drain the cooked green peas well and grind to a little coarse paste with all the masala ingredients in the mixie. Do not water to grind at all.

You will get a nice thick but dry chutney like consistency for the paste.Make sure the stuffing is absolutely dry or else your pooris will not be up to satisfaction. If for some reason you feel your stuffing seems wet, then give a quick saute in the gas and let it cool before proceeding.
Keep the kadai with oil for heating to make pooris.

Prepare small slightly thick pooris , keep a portion of filling inside, cover well by drawing the dough together as you do for modakas, , slightly flatten into a poori of medium size making sure the stuffing doesn’t spill out. Also poke the poris with fork so that the stuffing remains inside and the pooris will not puff up too much spilling out the stuffing inside the oil. Let the pooris cook well on medium , flip over to get a deep , crispy exterior. Drain well and serve with hot masala tea.

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