Garden salad

garden salad  or tossed salad is a salad consisting mostly of fresh vegetables. The base for the salad are greens such as lettuce 
Usually garden salad is served with a dressing, such as vinaigretteFrench dressingranch dressinghoney mustardItalian dressingThousand Island dressing, or blue cheese dressing.
Large garden salads may be served as a main course. These may have additional ingredients, such as meats or seafood. Small garden salads may be termed a "side salad." The ingredients are often tossed quickly in a bowl with the dressing.
Some salad  ingredients include:
·         tomato, cut into wedges, sliced, chopped or bite-sized such as cherry tomatoes
·         carrot, sliced or shredded
·         onion, sliced or chopped
·         cucumber, sliced
·         mushroom, usually sliced buttons
·         bell pepper, sliced or chopped
·         olive
·         broccoli florets
·         celery, sliced
·         avocado
·         bacon bits
·         cheese, shredded or cubed
·         hard boiled egg, sliced, wedged or chopped
·         croutons

·         radish, usually sliced thin

I prefer to make the dressing very simple and not use oil

Vegetables  and dressing 

1. Cherry tomatoes
2. Chopped tomatoes
3. Peeled chopped cucumbers
4.Finely chopped fresh coriander leaves/cilantro
5. freshly squeezed lime juice
6. 2 tbsp melon seeds
7. Pinch of white pepper powder

Mix everything in a bowl and serve on lettuce leaves..
Parmesan powder, garlic powder , oregano may be added .