Fruit and nut smoothie

My morning smoothie usually consists of some seasonal fruits and some blanched nuts.


1. Chopped fruits of  your choice.  1 Cup
I used some apples and strawberries.

2. 2 tbsp cooked oatmeal left over from breakfast. ( optional ) 

The oatmeal is used to thicken and add some body to the smoothie and keeps it filling.

3. Some blanched almonds and pistachios. ( 4 TO 5 )

Slivers of nuts to garnish.

4. 2 tbsp milk if necessary to lighten the smoothie.

Top it off with some caramel if serving to kids for added taste. No need to add sugar.

Blend the fruits, blanched nuts,cooked oatmeal and serve  with slivers of nuts for garnish.