Filter kaapi ( coffee! )

Traditional South Indian , Tamilians to be precise will not be in peace unless they have their daily dose of filter kaapi as it is called in South India.

Coffee or Kaapi sound so easy , whats the big deal you may ask. Well everything depends on the strength of the coffee.

Life and events revolve around that perfect cup of kaapi. Interestingly this precious brew is served religiously in a steel tumbler and a steel flat cup called dabara or davara!

The art of drinking filter kaapi is to keep pouring the hot filter kaapi from the tumbler onto the steel dabara in the other hand from a height and  professionals raise the hand holding the dabara to a great height causing fear in the on lookers eye, but they do not blink or miss and the frothy liquid lands with a flourish on the tumbler .

Some Kaapi experts use both  hands  had to lift up and down and it is quite a sight to see. So much for the filter kaapi! Usually you can see this in the coffee stalls  where men are at work busily mixing coffee from tumbler to dabara.

Well it is justified, if the  Japanese have their traditional Tea ceremony, the South Indians have their ritual with kaapi making!.


3 tsp heaped coffee powder, a blend of you choice.
1/2 cup boiling water.
1 small steel filter  as shown in the pic
1/2 cup milk
2 tsp sugar 
3 tsp filter decoction depends on the strength you prefer.

This is the pic of a coffee filter with two chambers and a sieve like press. The top chamber is the one in which we put the coffee powder. The second bottom portion of the filter is the chamber that collects the dripping thick coffee decoction. from the top chamber.

Put the coffee powder in the upper chamber. Approx 3 heaped tsp , for 2 or 3 persons depending on the strength of coffee required.This is  purely personal preference.

Place the filter press with holes on top of the coffee powder gently, dont press too much.

 Pour boiling water in the upper portion of the filter after pressing with the with the sieved plate. Dont fill the filter with water but only as much as required otherwise you will get a watery decocotion.

Close with the filter lid lightly and wait for few minutes for the decocotion to fall through the sieved plate into the bottom collection chamber.

The filter will be very hot , but you can open the top portion to check whether the decoction is dripping through

Take around 3 tsp of coffee decocotion in a steel tumbler, pour hot milk inot the tumbler, add 2 or 3 tsp of sugar and mix the coffee well by pouring from steel  tumbler to the dabara. The filter kaapi will be frothy which is how it should be served. Enjoy hot steaming aromatic filter kaapi.