I call this a brunch , as after such a heavy plate  that one cannot possibly eat more and the Brunch plate is
filled with choice tiffin popular South Indian favorites , that lunch seems to be a dreary affair.

To wash it all down , is a terrific filter kaapi popularly called degree kaapi, so who wants anything more after a sumptuous brunch. Often week ends beckon me to create a plate of this kind and welcomed  heartily by all. Guests staying over can be superbly treated to a brunch of this kind and skip lunch.

The easy recipes are here, so click to create the magic to prepare a week end brunch.

1. Medu vadas

2. coconut chutney

3.Fluffy white idlis

4. Using the same batter , a Brunch delight is the Masala dosa.

5.Tiffin sambar a pre requisite to even begin the brunch.

6. Soft succulent cooked mashed potatoes masala , another must without which your dosa will seem docile. The recipe for the potato onion masala is already given in Mysore Masala dosa recipe post.

So enjoy week ends with this spread and dont forget the filter kaapi too!!