Breakfast fruit dessert



I had to call this a breakfast fruit dessert, as it seemed just like one.
Well It had lots of mashed  fruits. It appeared rich and creamy though it wasn't really .
The garnish of slivered almonds topped it off nicely giving it a dessert like look.

Am wondering why I dont do more of this regularly, well sheer laziness is the only guilty answer..
I need to  keep looking at this pic to see how I can make a tasty breakfast look like a dessert.


Some chopped strawberries and apples.
1/2 cup thick skimmed milk fresh yogurt.

1 tbsp of date syrup 
Slivered nuts to garnish.


Choose your favorite fruits,  or any left over in the fridge, give a short blitz in the blender, not puree.
Top it off with some yogurt
Garnish and serve chilled.
Sweeten naturally with date syrup.

Suggestions for serving children, serve with a dollop of ice cream instead of yogurt, sweeten with date syrup and sprinkle nuts of their choice.