Coconut Thogayal ( Chutney / Thengai Thogayal )

Continuing with some thogayal recipes , am now sharing a simple tasty coconut thogayal recipe.
Although we tend to prepare this thogayal when we do not wish to slave in the Kitchene and have a simple lunch of rasam , such thogayal is preferred.


1 cup of fresh grated coconut
1 tbsp udad dal
A generous pinch of asafoetida
4 red dry chillis
salt to taste
1 small berry size tamrind.
2 tsp oil to roast the dal and chillis.


In a pan add some oil, heat it up and roast the udad dal and red chillis along with the tamarind till they give off a fragrance . Add the asafoetida powder in the roasting pan itself while still hot.

Let it cool .Add grated coconut and grind to a very stiff paste by adding just sprinkles of water to a smooth consistency.

Before adding water to grind the ingredients, run the mixie dry with the roasted udad dal, red chillis and tamrind, when the mixture turns coarsely powdered, then add the grated coconut and sprinkle of water to get a smooth thick consistency.

This is the consistency of the thogayal.

 Enjoy the thogayal with rice and sesame oil mixed . Tastes good with papad.