Plum and Tomato jam ( No pectin )

Plum and Tomato Jam?? Seriously??

Yes and it taste very good too!  It is not by accident that I made this jam. Tomato jam is something I have always had since my childhood as my mom would use up ripe tomatoes and make quick jams to last only for 2 or 3 days and used jaggery! So the memories were kindled,  and I decided to add plums too.

It turned out well, got a gorgeous colour and the succulent tiny bits of plums and tomatoes just adds to the taste. Adding plums was not part of the plan, my eyes spied on some ripe plump plums sitting idly in the fridge and I thought why not!!

1.Cooking the tomatoes and plums with sugar.

2.Thickening of the jam showing the sticky gel like texture beginning to form.

3. The jam is almost done now, having reduced, thickened considerably. Test  it on a plate to see if it runs!

4. And it is done, all thick, velvetty and  shiny!.Now to bottle it for storage..


4 medium size firm ripe tomatoes.
10 ripe big tart plums.
Juice and finely grated zest of 1 small orange or a splash of lemon juice will also do.
Pinch of ground cloves and cinnamon powder ( optional ). Even without the spices the jam tastes yummy.
1 cup sugar or more if you like a sweet jam..
Pinch of salt


Chop tomatoes and put into a large pan.

Halve the plums, remove and discard the stones.
Chop plums and add to tomatoes and add orange zest and juice.
Cover and cook gently until reduced mashing fruit occasionally with a wooden spoon until soft. Uncover, stir in spices and sugar, then keep on medium heat, stirring gently, until sugar dissolves.

Turn up heat and bring to boil. Let it bubble for 25 to 30min , or until a sugar thermometer registers 105°C (221°F) .

Test with a spoon by dropping on a plate, it should be heavy and sticky though no pectin is used.

Store the jam in clean sterilized glass jars and cover tightly. Will stay good upto three weeks max and keep in fridge when opened.Usually it lasts for a week in my house, so no question of spoiling:-) Good for chapatis, breads, parathas, anything, or even a milk shake.

This is such a delicious jam that can be made at home in less than 30 minutes, you will never buy them again. You can try with other varieties of fruits.