Fig and plum jam

I like to make small pots  of home made jam from time to time when fruits are  in plenty and after we have done with other uses, jams is what comes to my mind and I  would rather make my own ,  than buy.

As I do not have canning knowledge and wouldn't like to try it , I prefer to make small batches , just enough to last three weeks max and most often we pretty much run out of home made jam by two weeks!

This particular recipe combining plums and figs is almost close to those you find in stores minus the other things used to keep the jam for ever!.

I particularly like making jams out of figs and plums as they seem to work well without pectin too.

This recipe is perfect as no pectin is required.You need to cook the figs and plums long enough to thicken and gel.It is alright to use the peels of figs and plums only make sure to cook it through.It also helps the jam to attain that grainy gorgeous colour and the little bits of plum and  figs only adds to the  taste.


I used the following..

15 large ripe figs , stalks trimmed
10 ripe big  tart plums.
Juice and finely grated zest of 1 small orange or a splash of lemon juice will also do.
½ tsp each ground cloves and cinnamon ( optional ). Even without the spices the jam tastes yummy.
1 cup sugar or more if you like a sweet jam.. As the figs were sweet by themselves , I decided to reduce the quantity.
Pinch of salt


Chop figs and put into a large pan.
Halve  the plums, remove and discard the  stones.
Chop plums  and add to figs  and add  orange zest and juice.
Cover and cook gently  until reduced  mashing  fruit occasionally with a wooden spoon until soft. Uncover, stir in spices and sugar, then keep on medium  heat, stirring gently, until sugar dissolves.
Turn up heat and bring to boil. Let it bubble for  25 to 30min , or  until a sugar thermometer registers 105°C (221°F) 
Take pan off the heat and remove surface scum  that may be floating on the surface with a metal spoon.

Store the jam in clean sterilized glass jars and cover tightly. Will stay good upto three max and keep in fridge when opened.

This is such a delicious jam that can be made at home in less tan 30 minutes, you will never buy them again. You can try with other varieties of fruits.