Roasted Red bell pepper chutney


3 small red peppers,de  seeded and finely chopped.
1 tomato finely chopped
1 onion chopped
a small piece of tamarind.
3 red chillis or more if you like a spicy chutney.
salt to taste
Pinch of asafoetida powder
2 tbsp sesame oil preferably.
3 tbsp dhaniya /coriander leaves finely chopped.

For seasoning

1 tbsp oil 
3/4  tsp mustard seeds


With 2 tbsp of oil roast all the ingredients till slightly charred. and then when cooled, grind in the mixer to a paste.Add salt to taste.

Prepare a seasoning of mustard seeds by heating 1 tsp of oil and crackle the  mustard seeds.

Serve as a delicious side dish for Idlis/dosas or rotis too. Replace pickle with this fiery chutney  for  curd rice.

In the pics below I have made the same chutney again when I got more red peppers from my pot  and this time I added more coriander leaves and it gave a richer taste and something similar to Coriander Thogayal.

The red peppers were chopped, onions diced and 2 small tomatoes chopped fine. I added the coriander leaves to be lightly sauteed in the pan at the end just before removing the roasted  ingredients, so that the coriander leaves do no wilt and remain a bit green. I used  the tender green stalk also for the chutney as it gives more body and taste.

The green flecks that you see in the pic are those of the coriander leaves chopped fine.

The green flecks are those of the coriander leaves.