Ras vadas ( Rasam vadas )

There are so many delicious ways to have the humble Indian vada, which is made using different combinations of dals, like Bengal gram and rice, black gram or a combination of black gram and rice or using only black gram /udad dal. Crispy crunchy soft vadas called Medu vadas are welcome snack any time which can be enjoyed as a dahi vada or rasa  vada too.

Here in this recipe I am not using any different combination of dals specifically for Rasa vadas or Rasam vadas as we normally do not grind batter for Rasam vadas alone. It is a standard udad dal ground batter which I use for making normal medu vadas, dahi vadas , sambhar vadas and also Rasa vadas.

To dunk these hot crunchy vadas as soon as they are drained of oil , I usually make the Quick rasam , which I have shared the recipe in a previous post. In fact any rasam will do for making Rasa vadas, you need the hot thin clear rasam to dunk these vadas.



Drain the water from the soaked dal completely and grind with green chillies,salt,peppercorns,salt,asafoetida powder in  a blender or mixie. It will be a very thick batter and don't be tempted to add water while grinding.

Water should be added only if difficult to grind and in table spoonfuls making sure not to make the batter soft and soggy.

Take out the batter and add the sprigs of curry leaves and mix it well with a big spoon to give soft ,light vadas.


Kindly check this link to make Medu vadas with step wise instructions.

As soon as the hot vadas are drained of oil, immediately dunk them in hot rasam for few minutes, you will note the vadas swell and absorbing as much rasam as possible. Cover and serve at earliest to prevent too much soaking and becoming soggy.

Another method is to dip the prepared vadas in hot water, gently press with both palms to remove water and then dunking them in hot rasam.

Enjoy hot Rasam Vadas with a garnish of chopped coriander leaves.