Paal Ada Prathaman .....using Pasta flakes

Pasta flakes ada prathaman pasta paayasam
Pasta paal ada prathaman

The true, original Keralites and Malayalis will be scandalised to know about the use of pasta flakes in the original dish Ada Prathaman or Paal Ada Prathaman to be precise. Normally I do not like to make any twists to authentic dishes . This is an exception where some pasta leftover for months , had to be used in different ways and one of them is the Paal ada prathaman a very tasty sweet creamy Payasam from Kerala.

Let me hasten to explain the situation , how this dish came about. After hunting for the ready store bought Rice flakes called ada which is the original used in Paal Ada prathman ,  not  being available on the eve of Onam and I was in despair as I couldn't imagine a Onam sadya without the star dish and Iam not a Malayali by the way, however with a mom who spent all her years growing up in Palakkad , Kerala some of the Malayali and Kerala cuisine rubbed off on us and we have to celebrate the traditional festivals of Kerala alongside our own Tamil New Year and Vishu.

It is another tale that we end up on a massive gastronomic voyage trying out so many recipes.
To cut a long story short, the non availability of Rice ada from the stores prompted me to consider to use Pasta flakes in place and it turned out extremely well, in terms  of texture, taste, the slight bite to the flakes made it even more delectable and my daughter became the proverbial Oliver Twist asking for more.!

Given a choice I would never repeat this as Pasta is very expensive and the rice ada can be easily prepared or bough t from stores at a lesser cost.

This particular recipe was the outcome of pure non availability of the rice ada and the urge to finish the pasta.


 Paal ada Prathaman

Ingredients :

1 1/2 cups Pasta flakes instead of rice ada flakes
3 cups milk  preferably thick  full fat or half and half.
1/2 cup sugar or more if you wish for a sweet payasam.
Pinch of Cardamom powder
5 broken fried cashewnuts and some raisins


Cook the pasta flakes in little water to very soft. Drain the water and now cook the pasta flakes again in the thick milk. Reduce the milk till it thickens  or you can hasten the step by adding some thick condensed milk too.

Add some sugar and less if you are adding the sweetened condensed milk.Add the pinch of cardamom powder  and when it becomes thick and creamy and changed colour to pale cream in colour, you can switch off the gas. 

Add the fried cashewnuts and raisins for garnish.

Paal ada prathaman is served either chilled or hot.

Cook the pasta flakes till soft but not too mushy.

The paal ada prathaman consistency should be thick and creamy .

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