Ada Prathaman using rice ada ( rice flakes ) prepared at home

 In my earlier post I have shown the preparation of Paal ada Prathaman , a  rich tasty payasam from Kerala using pasta flakes instead of the usual rice flakes as that was the outcome of non availability of ready rice flakes at home. So decided to try with Pasta flakes.

How ever am not so comfortable in tampering with a rich authentic dish of Kerala so casually and calling it Paal Ada Prathaman, ! it can be called a rich pasta kheer at best.

To make amends as it seems again by a request  of one of the members of a food group , I was asked to ,post a recipe of the preparation of the rice flakes at home from scratch.,

Even I was stunned at the simplicity of the procedure though I have made it several times in the past and then relying completely on the ready dry rice flakes sold in the stores as Rice ada or Paal ada rice flakes.

I was baffled myself, why I had quit this preparation at home.The Pasta Payasam was unnecessary after all , though delicious !


Ingredients :

1 cup plain rice
pinch of salt
1 or 2 small  banana leaves
2 tsp coconut oil

Method of preparing ada by using ground rice batter and steaming .

Wash & soak the rice in water for 2 hours.
Drain  the water and grind the rice to a smooth batter thicker than idli batter.
Add the pinch of salt and mix well.
Wash clean and wipe the banana leaves till dry with a cloth or paper towel.
Smear little coconut oil on the right side of the leaf and apply a thin batter coating on the leaf,
Take the idli cooker  with some water and steam the banana leaves prepared with rice batter.
Steam  for 10 minutes approx, then remove from cooker., cool it and you can remove the cooked ada which comes off easily from the leaf, when cooled, cut into pieces .
for the payasam.
Now this is  already cooked so your payasam will be ready in few minutes.

Another method of cooking the rice batter is by dropping the banana leaf straight into hot water instead of steaming in idli cooker.

Here you need to apply the batter on the greased banana leaf and drop into very hot water kept ready and roll boiling on the stove, slide the leaf in such a manner that it wil immerse completely.
Within minutes you will see the rice ada gets cooked and appears shiny and translucent.

That is the time to remove from the hot water, completely drain it and wash 3 to 4 times in cold water to remove the stickiness and the oil and then keep on a plate to cut to small pieces.
Now the ada pieces are ready to be cooked into the payasam and will not take long.

Both methods work fine.

Method  of preparing the rice ada by applying a layer of the rice dough on the greased banana leaf.

In this method you must make a small soft dough of very good rice flour if available instead of soaking and grinding.
Add salt and little water to make a smooth dough.
Take a banana leaf, grease on the right side, apply a thin layer on the leaf and make the marks to enable easy cutting of the cooked ada after it is removed from the boiling water.
Keep a wide pan with sufficient water on  a roll boil and drop the banana leaf on which we have applied a layer of the dough .
Within minutes you will see the ada getting cooked and will slide into the hot water, becoming shining  and transparent.
Remove the banana leaf and the cooked ada from the hot water and quickly rinse with cold water to remove the stickiness and the oil , do this 3 to 4 times till they are completely non sticky and keep on a plate. Cut into smaller pieces for making the payasam.

Now to make the Ada Pradhaman using the prepared rice flakes and using jaggery and coconut milk.


1 Cup Ada /rice flakes
3/4 cup jaggery
1 cup thick coconut milk .
1 cup thin coconut milk obtained by grinding coconut second time.

Pinch of cardamom powder
Pinch of dry ginger powder
Some fried cashewnuts and raisins.
1 tbsp finely cut coconut pieces.
1 tbsp ghee


Heat the ghee in a pan and fry the cashews  and the raisins. Keep aside on a plate.
Toast the finely cut coconut pieces and when it turns golden and aromatic, set aside.
Add the  cooked ada pieces and lightly sauté them.
Keep the jaggery  to melt in another pan with little water and after straining the impurities by filtering, boil it.
Add the strained  melted  jaggery to the cooked  first the thin coconut milk
Keep the flame on a medium heat and cooked for 10 minutes till it  boils gently and thickening also.
Now add the fried cashews,raisins,dry ginger powder,cardamom powder.
Add the toasted coconut pieces also.
Lower the flame and add thick coconut milk.
Just when some fine small bubbles  appear on the thickened payasam, switch off the flame.
Serve this Ada pradhaman either warm or chilled.


Usually the rice is soaked , ground smooth  in a blender and batter applied on a banana leaf and either steam cooked or dropped in hot water like dal dhoklis.

But you can also reduce the effort by making a smooth rice dough by using little water, salt and good quality of rice flour, applying a layer of the dough with palms evenly over the greased leaf and making marks on them as shown in the pic, dropping them in hot water or steam cooking them.

Try this method only if you have very good quality of rice flour at home otherwise soaking and grinding method is recommended. I used the rice flour as I have very good quality of pure white flour available , so I did not soak and grind the rice .

Both procedures are explained as this is how most people will prepare the rice ada at home.

Although ready rice flakes are available  in the stores, nothing can beat and match the fresh ly prepared rice ada. The consistency and the creaminess of the payasam is definitely better this way.