Thenkuzhal thengoyal diwali krishna jayanthi recipe easy to make crispy thenkuzhal


This is a very simple and easy snack to make just like the mullu murruku, it can be done within 15 minutes.
In the olden days the procedure for making the flours ready for the murukku was tedious, long and one can hardly find time to do the entire method from scratch.

Good quality of rice flour and udad flour is easily available in the stores which can be bought to prepare this snack within minutes.


2 cups           Rice flour
1/4 cup         Urad dal flour, which can be either store bought or made at home.To prepare the udad dal                            flour at home, roast the udad dal till golden and then powder in the mixie till fine and smooth.                          Sieve this flour and use with rice flour.
2 1/2 tbsp     butter or hot oil  
Pinch of        asafoetida/hing powder 
1/2 tsp of      cumin seeds or white sesame seeds. 
Salt to taste
Water to make the dough.
Oil to fry the thenkuzhals.


 Mix the flours, salt, cumin seeds/ white sesame seeds, asafoetida,. Add the butter or hot oil. Mix the butter with your fingers well into the flours till they resemble crumbs and  then make smooth soft dough with very little water at a time ,  not too firm  or loose.

Make small balls of this dough to be used in the press and cover the bowl. Do not expose the dough to air as it will not give good thenkuzhal and will become too dry.

 In a murukku press, place one small ball of the dough.Keep a pan with oil on the stove, let the oil heat up and then lower the gas . Prepare the spirals with the  press  either directly into hot oil or prepare the spirals on a plastic sheet or ladle and drop in the hot oil carefully.

Let the thenkuzhal cook well on both sides and when they turn golden , drain into a colander.Store in an air tight container when completely cooled.

In the above third pic the shape of thenkuzhal is looking smoother as i used a different plate as my previous one was breaking the dough and not giving smooth coils.

I usually break up Thenkuzhal instead of storing as individual pieces as i use it later to add to Madras mixture.