Shakkar Para

Just two more days to Janmaashtaami and I wanted to make a different , not too sweet snack and decided on Shakkar para as it is also my daughters all time favourite snack, I prefer the savory one though.

This will no doubt bring a rush of memories from your childhood days when moms would make this so often.


3 cups of all purpose flour  ( you can take a mix of both all purpose flour and whole wheat flour too )
1/3 cup milk plus little water to make a dough.
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup butter
pinch of salt
pinch of soda
Oil to deep fry


Mix the butter and sugar with soda, salt , well till light and fluffy, then add  milk little water and the flour little at a time to  make a soft but firm smooth dough like poori dough consistency.

Knead well and then keep aside for 15 minutes.

Again knead the dough till smooth, add little flour if you feel it is a bit sticky after it has rested . So the proportion of flour mentioned may go up to 3 1/2 cups of flour as we need to make the dough little stiff after it has rested.

Keep the oil to heat and make  small portions of the dough to be rolled like a slightly thick chapati either round or rectangle.1/3  rd inch thickness approximately. See  the pic.

Dust the counter if necessary lightly and make a smooth circle or rectangle. Using a cutter make thin strips of the chapati either diamond shaped or squares.

When the oil is heated well check by dropping one piece to see if it comes up sizzling, then drop all the squares , carefully and try not to dump them in the centre but spread all over.

Turn  them over and when  nicely browned but not too brown as the taste will not be good, drain them. They will appear to be still soft but golden brown , dont panic and keep them for little more time to fry.As soon as you drain them, when cooled they will get a nice crunch .

Store in air tight container when cooled. They will stay good for a week.