Milk Pedhas

The most delicious and yet oh so simple to make recipe for milk pedhas. Who doesn't like to bite into a soft, mildly grainy milk pedha ?

Pedhas mean only one thing to me the world famous Dharwad pedhas which has remained a secret with virtually  no recipe anywhere in the net. Many are trying to reproduce the same pedha but no where close to it in looks or taste. I am  very partial to this pedha as I come from Dharwad myself and have been eating this marvelous sweet for as long as I remember.

Going down to the origins  of pedhas .Dharwad pedha is a sweet delicacy unique to the state of Karnataka, India. It derives its name from the city of Dharwad inKarnataka.This sweet's history is around 175 years old. 

Dharwad Pedha traces its historical origin to Thakur family which migrated from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh to Dharwad many generations ago .
The Thakur family has built the reputation of the ‘pedha’ with a missionary zeal. With no time, the ‘pedha’ became so popular that local people of Dharwad began identifying it by his name and as ‘Line Bazaar Pedha’ (the name of the street on which the shop is located).
The technique of preparing these ‘pedhas’ however remains a closely guarded trade secret, known only to the family members of Shri. Babusingh Thakur, as handed down the generations, by father to son. The ingredients include milk, sugar and thickened milk.It is made of milk which is heated and stirred continuously, with added flavour and sugar. source WIKI

Well I can only sigh in nostalgia but happily we have numerous recipes to make pedhas , most poplar among them is the method of using condensed milk and milk powder. I have also tried the same way and got excellent result. So even a novice in kitchen can easily prepare this as the list of ingredients is so simple with two main ingredients only.

milk pedhas festival recipe

Notice the mixture getting thicker and leaving the sides.

 Stir well briskly to bring mixture together.
 Here the mixture is even more firm and almost ready to leave the pan.
 At this stage you can even check the sides by scraping them and see if it is ready  and nonsticky just as we check for mysore paak but not so hard either.

Remove to a plate and let cool, keep in fridge for easy handling of this mixture to prepare the pedhas.

Shape as you wish.

Garnish and serve, I shaped some into round pieces and some on a plate, flattened it out by greasing a plate, when cooled , cut it into small pieces.

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1 can approx 400 gms  condensed milk or make instant condensed milk at home in 10 minutes , check this link in this blog

2 cups of milk powder  ( I used skimmed milk powder and it tasted fine )
Pinch of saffron
2 1/2 tbsp butter
pinch of cardamom
pistachio slivered for garnish


In a hard heavy bottomed pan preferably nonstick, open the condensed milk  can and pour in pan .
Add the 2 cups of milk powder, saffron infused milk a tsp or so,  pinch of cardamom , butter and keep on low flame .

The mixture will start coming together like a big mass ,as the butter will bring together the whole mixture in one lump, but don’t be in haste to remove from gas, as it should not be too soft a mass.

When you think, by testing a small pinch of the mixture, you can shape into pedhas, you may remove from the gas. Let it cool.

Shape into round pedhas or grease a plate and spread the thick mixture on the plate and smoothen the top. To make sure you get nice solid pieces instead of sticky ones , keep in fridge for some time.

In fact better to keep the cooked milk powder, condensed milk mass in the fridge for some time and then you proceed to pinch off balls for the pedhas. Shape into round or whatever shape youo desire and garnish with pistachio slivers.

Very easy to handle too.

In my case I removed from gas a little early , so ended up with a taste like a sticky toffee, as the mixture had to be kept for little more time. So I once again kept all the prepared pedhas in a pan by mashing them with little milk to soften them up, and added 2 tbsp of all purpose flour and kept on flame on a low simmer for another 5 minutes or so till everything melted, became more hard and non sticky.

This time I tested by taking a small piece of the mixture, after it was cool to check if it tasted sticky .It came out fine and tasted absolutely great.

I was apprehensive about adding the 2 tbsp of all purpose flour as it was not mentioned in any of the recipes in the net, but it never made a difference. I got a marvelous plate of near shop like pedhas with the daanedaar effect  when you bite into it and not sticky at all.

Reason I am going on so much about this simple recipe is to suggest what I did to salvage my soft pedhas should any of you face similar problems.

So the 2 tbsp all purpose flour is not required in the recipe if you time well and remove the mixture at the exact time.

Dot get intimidated my long rambling, just so you get it right and you will.