Methi Koftas ( Fenugreek dumplings)

This dish was the outcome of trying to finish up some left over Gulab jamun mix. I read somewhere that jamun mix powder, the instant variety is good for making such koftas as it has a creamy , milky flavour.


1 pack of instant gulab jamun mix
pinch of salt
some dried kasuri methi leaves. ( fresh chopped methi leaves can also be used)
Little water to make a smoth dough
Oil for deep frying.


Take the jamun powder in a bowl and sift well to remove the lumps if any.

Add salt, the chopped methi leaves, or the dried kasoori methi leaves.
Add water little at a time to make a smooth dough.

Keep a deep pan on the stove with sufficient oil to deep fry.
Pinch off small round balls from the prepared dough  and keep ready to drop off in the hot oil.
When the oil is heated, drop the methi balls carefully into the hot oil and slightly lower the flame as the koftas get burned quickly  with the insides still un cooked. When the koftas appear browned slightly, remove, drain on a colander. 

These methi koftas are so tasty you may want to finish them off with some sauce as it is without using it for a kofta dish or in kadhis.

The recipe given here is only to prepare the koftas and not for the gravy or the kadhi.