Coriander leaves chutney for Idlis and dosa

 There were so many requests for chutneys  and I had not posted them yet thinking , this is so easy who would need them.

Well any way for those who are not familiar with these types of chutneys am posting the first one which is often prepared at home as an accompaniment for idlis and dosa.

Ingredients: For coriander chutney.

1.   Coconut , freshly  grated , only the white parts. 1/2 portion of a big coconut is enough.

Coriander leaves 1  small bunch fresh , trimmed and chopped fine. 
Ginger 1 /2 inch piece
Small bit of tamarind.
Small pinch of turmeric 
5 small Green  chillies or as much you prefer.
Salt to taste.
2 tsp gram dal ( optional ) to give more body  to the chutney.

2.  For seasoning

Mustard 1 /2 tsp
Urad dal 1 /2 tsp
Sprigs of curry leaves
2 tsp Oil


Heat a pan  and add the coriander leaves . sauté lightly  on a low flame. The leaves will shrink but do not sauté for long or else it will change color, .now grind all the ingredients with sprinkles of  water only if necessary. 

Keep the chutney  in a bowl and  temper with items under 2


Sometimes I make this chutney without sautéing the leaves and doesn't alter the taste of the chutney. You get a lovely green colour too.