Spaghetti with spinach, carrots and tomatoes

This is a lovely light summery kind of pasta recipe with colorful veggies. What I absolutely love about pasta is the way we can adapt it to our taste and the preferences of our children.

When ever I am requested to make this dish I always jump at the idea as it means I can power up the dish with so many veggies and to please the kid some cheese too.

I have never had the problem of making my kid to eat spinach in any form , but the varieties are limited in our cuisine so I make all my salads invariably with baby spinach as one of the ingredient and now with pasta too I continue the experiment. I do not like to Indianise the recipes and stick to original recipe.

Personally I do not tamper with the authentic recipes and my tweaking goes only  so far as to replace some similar ingredients but  will never use any Indian spices as some are wont to. Well tastes will differ.

Ingredients :


Bring  a large pot of salted water to boil. Add the pasta and cooke till al dente.
When cooked, drain the pasta in a colander and run cold water and keep aside.

Chop the tomatoes, baby spinach, carrots and in a large pan put the oil and add the vegetables to cook lightly and add the parsley, basil,garlic,chives,salt and toss well, add the pasta and toss again till coated well.
Serve with grated Parmesan.