Pesarattu is a traditional Indian flat bread made from a moong dal, or mung bean, batter. It has origins in India's Andhra Pradesh state, and the signature dish of the state now made popular almost all over the country.

Pesarattu is a popular breakfast and snack food both in India and globally.These flatbreads are similar in appearance and presentation to dosa, but are made with a batter that contains no rice or lentils.

The moong dal used to make the batter are typically soaked overnight to soften, and then ground into a fine batter .

Typically pesarattu is filled inside with rava upma and served in certain parts of Andhra. The ideal side dish for pesarattu is Ginger Chutney., tomato chutney, onion chutney etc. 

This  ubiquitous flatbread is a favourite in world cuisine.  Pesarattu actually means an attu (crepe or dosa) made from pesara pappu (full moong dal or green moong dal or green gram). 

Pesarattu is a very healthy and delicious lentil based pancake served as a best breakfast dish.

Health benefits

Green bean claims to be a perfect slimming food  It is not only it is low in fat, green bean is also a rich source of protein, and fiber which enables one to lower the high cholesterol level in body system. The high fibre in green bean yields complex carbohydrate which improves digestion. Frequent consumption of green bean is beneficial to diabetes and one who suffers from high cholesterol level.

1.It is very rich in protein.
2. Has high levels of iron and folate  which is very much required for pregnant women and feeding mothers.
3. Contains high fiber which improves digestion.

There are lots of health benefits you get by including pesarattu in your diet.  Either as a breakfast dish or even for liunch. The green gram dhal immensely helps in keeping a good health

A variety of pesarattu served with upma  is known as MLA pesarattu, which came to be known after it was popular in MLA quarters restaurants in Hyderabad. Upma pesarattu is a favourite in coastal Andhra region especially the Guntur, Krishna, East Godavari and West Godavari districts. The upma pesarattu is served with filling of upma inside the pesarattu. source WIKI.


1. Green gram dhal – 2 Cups
2. G. Chillies – 5-6
3. Ginger – 3” or 4” pieces
4.  Cumin Seeds – 1 – 2 tsp
5. .Onion – 2 – finely chopped
6. 1/4 cup rice flour or rice to be soaked and ground with green gram to give a crispy texture to Pesarattu.

First you  need to the soak the green gram and rice either  overnight or for at least 6 hours. Rice is added to give a nice consistency and crispness to the Pesarattu. Grind the soaked green gram and rice along with green chillies, ginger, salt, jeera and onions by adding a little water till it comes to dosa batter consistency.
 Now take a non-stick pan, heat the pan and pour the dosa batter and spread to form a round dosa shape. Fry it by applying oil to the edges and turn around. Once done remove and serve hot with chutneys of your choice.Ginger Chutney / Onion Chutney / Tomato Chutney are usual accompaniments.