Spinach with mixed veggies and lentils

Spinach with mixed veggies and lentils is the easiest way to serve so many nutritive ingredients and veggies in one bowl.A great tasty side dish which goes well with rice,parathas ,naans or rotis.

I consider this as a wholesome meal  when mixed with rice and this is good for school kids on the rush who do not have to sit down and choose the veggies and other accompaniments. Moms can easily mix this tasty gravy dish with rice and serve to kids in a bowl with a small spoon ful of hot ghee. It is so finger licking good and I have memories of having this served to us kids  so often during my school going days.

This was usually served with hot rice and ghee and we cleaned the bowl. The beauty of this dish is Spinach can be combined with your choice of vegetables.

Sometime we end up with couple of carrots,a lone potato,some tomatoes,coriander leaves.
We need not think further  how to serve one dish with such assorted veggies. The spinach comes to the rescue. Am sure every kitchen will definitely have these greens,some onions , and coriander leaves.

Even if you have run out of all your veggies but have saved some spinach and some onions , it can be prepared and will taste just as great as we use lovely spices to lift the gravy to a tasty high.



Keep the finely chopped spinach aside along with other veggies you plan to use also chopped fine.
Pressure cook the dals and mash them well after it cools down a bit.

Take a broad pan and put some oil in it and crackle the mustard seeds first and then add the cumin seeds, red chillies,ginger,turmeric powder and first stir fry the onions and tomatoes till they appear translucent,  then add remaining vegetables including the chopped spinach.Sprinkle some water and remaining powders like coriander,asafoetida,salt,garam masala powder and salt.

Let the vegetables cook well and combine well with the spinach.It will  not take long, after they appear cooked, add the mashed dals and let the gravy boil for 3 minutes till everything is nicely combined. You can garnish with finely chopped fresh dhania leaves/coriander leaves.

The spinach gravy releases a very appetizing aroma.Enjoy! Serve hot with rice,rotis or naans.