Rava Masala Dosa (Spiced semolina and flours crepes )

Different views of the rava dosa....simple plain no onion rava dosa.

If you want onion rava dosa, just scatter the chopped onion pieces all over pan and sprinkle the batter all over to form a mesh .

One of the most favourite South Indian Dish after Idlis, dosa and pongal comes  the rava dosa.
This was an invention for all those who have instant cravings and need to satisfy it instantly.Craving for dosa and idlis is no good as you have to wait a full day or at least some hours before you can satisfy your hunger pangs and it is frustrating to not be able to have a dosa when you want it immediately, so you end up going out to eat which comes with a price. Usually the dosas in hotels are liberally drizzled with oil or ghee and it does no good to your health.

Home made rava dosas come to the rescue when you need instant gratification and it tastes very good, made  hotel style and easily made as all the ingredients are easily available in the pantry.

No matter how many times a week I make this dosa it is always enjoyed, and no one complains as it is so crispy withe the right blend of spices. I always  carelessly toss the flours in the bowl with the required spices and salt and litres of water and it always comes out right. This is very good for bachelors and students who crave for home made dosas without having to battle with the batter, fermenting blah.