Quick Okra Stir fry ( stuffed )

Today while posting this , I thought to myself how well the name of my blog suits this particular ridiculously easy okra stir fry. Your Everyday cook...well Your Everyday okra seems more like it.

I was even contemplating whether I should skip this recipe after I finished dishing this up in a bowl, but the beautiful green colour of the okras even after cooking made me change my mind  and I thought I should be adding this recipe to my soon to be section on bachelors recipes where this will fit in nicely.

For those of you who came in expecting something  exotic , be warned this is an ensemble of such subtle fine ingredients but gives the final dish a restaurant style. Simplicity is the hall mark of this dish.

Now that  all  pics are all uploaded , the same but I love to see  the pics as I am still a beginner in food photography., I will run  thought  the recipe without much ado.



Wash the okras well and dry them before cutting them into 1 inch or slightly smaller pieces.Trim the heads and tails.

If you plan to stuff the bhindis/okras then cut then slightly longer pieces.

Make a small slit on the side of each piece ( I omitted this as  I did not have the time and had to rustle up this dish fast.)

Grind coarsely the corinader leaves, with little salt, cumin seeds , green chillies and ginger.

Stuff the filling little in each of the okras  and if you have  any left over keep it to toss into the dish at the final stage.

Keep a broad pan and put some oil.When heated put the mustard seeds to pop and add the cumin seeds and then the stuffed bhindis/okras carefully . Add salt, asafoetida powder/hing and sprinkle just enough water to cook the okras and dont make it soggy. Your okras will remain green if you dont add turmeric powder much as I love to add turmeric powder I avoid it in this dish as I love to see the green okras. They look so inviting. Stir slightly not disturbing the stuffed okras too much .

Cover and cook for 5 minutes and check whether the okras look cooked. Toss  the remaining filling mixture if any and then add some fresh chopped coriander leaves for final garnishing. The aroma wafting from the dhania and cumin combo is mind blowing and keep some rotis or chapatis ready to devour this as soon as it gets done. Hot from the pan with phulkas this has go to be the most awesome lunch with  some boondi raita your lunch is complete. 


If you dont have fresh coriander leaves this can be done by grinding dhania seeds/ coriander seeds with cumin and rest of procedure remains same.

Sometimes I do this even with corander powder and cumin powder a must have in my kitchen always and a great life saver in cooking.. I use 2 tbsp of coriander powder, cumin powder and then give a dry whiz in the blender with green chillies and ginger.

I never got a different taste infact , it was even faster as I did not fill the okras, simply tossed the powders along with some green chiies and ginger paste.

As far as preparing okras is concerned I tried all methods but still prefer the stuffed method , when I have more time as I love the fresh green corinader leaves filling with cumin and freshly ground.

I use all the above options to suit my time and moods.!

Those who want garlic in their dishes may add garlic along with ginger while grinding though I have never tried this as my family is not too keen on garlic taste in foods.