Mixed veg with Semolina and Vermicelli ( Khichdi)

This is a very popular dish prepared in almost all households but with many variations.

This is a complete meal and a great comfort food as it has veggies and two ingredients vermicelli and semolina. The nutritive values are further enhanced by the addition of choice veggies and therefore it is called a khichdi meaning hotch potch!  Whichever way it is a wholesome meal and most preferred by family members who do not want to bother with a big dinner.

This is a dish that is usually had during fasts and as a breakfast or for dinner.The accompaniments are usually curd,raita or some form of chutney.



In  a broad pan  first roast the semolina and vermicelli to a golden brown and separately. Keep it aside.
put the oil in the pan and when heated put the mustard seeds to crackle and then add the udad dal and when it turns golden add the  ginger,green chillies,sprigs of curry leaves, coriander leaves and then add the chopped onions first.

Let the onions turn pink and then add the remaining finely cut vegetables to cook in water.Add the 3 1/2 cups of water,salt,turmeric powder. Let the vegetables cook well and let the water boil.

In 5 minutes the vegetables would have cooked and water come to a boil, then add the semolina first slowly and keep stirring so as not to form lumps and then add the vermicelli and cover the lid of the pan and let the mixture cook together with the vegetables. Add little more oil if necessary and add the cashew nuts for garnishing when it is done.

After 3 minutes open the lid and stir the khichdi well and add more coriander leaves for garnishing.Enjoy!

Usually khichdi is served with raita,kadhi or some yogurt based accompaniment.It can be served with coconut chutney also.

Khichdi tastes good when served hot.