Idli/Dosa Milagai powder/chutney powder/gunpowder

Idlis and dosas must have the chutney powder called Milagai powder also called gun powder as an accompaniment to Idlis/dosas even if you have other chutneys , this is a must have,  so traditionally we keep this prepared in small batches in a jar.

Recipe for the Idli/dosa chutney powder/Milagai powder

1 cup whole udad dal
½ cup chana dal
¼ cup mix of white and black sesame seeds
8-10 red dry chillies
2 tsp hing powder

Dry roast the dals and sesame seeds separately with the red chillies .
Allow to cool and then grind to a little coarse powder all  the ingredients.
Cool and store in an airtight jar.
Use preferably with sesame oil for idli/dosa.

I am giving below a chutney recipe with onions and tomatoes which is popular with Idlis/dosas and goes well.

Onion tomato chutney for idli/dosa

1 cup chopped onions
¾ cup chopped tomatoes
4 dry red chillies or as per your preference.
1 tsp hing powder
2 tsp fried gram dal( puttani/pottukadalai)
Some chopped dhania leaves,sprigs of curry leaves
Small piece of tamrind
In a pan put 2 - 3 tsp of sesame oil and sauté the onions and tomatoes with red chillies,tamrind. When they appear translucent , add the coriander leaves and curry leaves and then keep aside to cool.
Grind to a paste without adding water all the ingredients, add salt and hing.
You may temper the chutney with mustard seeds.


Adding tamrind, fried gram dal, coriander leaves and curry leaves are optional. A friend suggested and I tried it. It tasted different but good. You can prepare a tasty chutney with onions, tomatoes and red chillies itself without adding the optional ingredients.