Cherry bars

Cherry Bars…

Having got a bit tired (!) of our own desi King of fruits Mango , as I out did this year’s menu  by including so many varieties of Mango preparations , I suddenly got bitten  by the PHOREN  Cherries, strawberries  and  all sorts of  Phirangi fruits that have descended  on our markets and looking so inviting too. Price wise they are very expensive but what the heck I got to try .

Having gone on an overdrive of strawberries and plums this time , my fridge was choc a bloc with them plump cherries too .

I had to do some quick recipes as they seemed to be wilting a little faster than I liked,  darn  the  heat in Chennai which does not spare anything in the fridge too, and the frequent power cuts were not helping either.

So the cherry bars happened and I wished I could have started them sooner as I had to toss away some , as they looked too sad.

The recipe is something I tweaked as we all tend to do after scouting the sites for some cherry bars .
Basically I referred to I was confronted with another issue, that of substituting the eggs with yogurt or some other substitute. Hitherto all my cake and muffin recipes have been tweaked wonderfully to give me awesome results without eggs and butter too. Moist and that right crumb texture , my daughter gave me the thumbs up and it is more than I could have asked for.

 But Cherry bars were something else , not having the cakey texture but more like a crispy biscuit and somewhere it tends to get a little chewy too. Totally confusing and complex,  the taste seemed to me. 

Whenever I read a recipe,  am mentally visualizing the various ingredients and the textures they would lend to the dish so I conjured up a mental pic of how a bar would taste.

So lets start the proceedings by uploading some pics of the preps and the recipe follows.



Preheat oven to 375 degrees F  .Take a 8x8 square baking pan. Line with parchment sheet.

Mix all the crust ingredients to make a smooth dough like batter and transfer to the pan . 

Press with your fingers over the pan .

Bake the crust till golden. This should take around 15 minutes. Check for the color before you take it off the oven.

Keep the pan in a rack to cool.



Keep the cherries on the cooled crust. Spread it all over.

Melt the butter till it is nice and brown and then mix all the remaining filling ingredients, including the melted butter and pour all over the cherries. 

Here I wish to add that I have given the measurements  to include 2 eggs as per the original recipe for those who prefer to use eggs , where as I simply used fresh yogurt to bind the filling . 

Around 1 cup of fresh yogurt.

Bake until the filling seems little puffed  and a tester  inserted comes clean. 

This will take around 30 minutes.

Let the baked crust with the filling cool on a rack. 

Gently remove from the parchment and cut into preferred sizes. I cut them into small bite sized pieces.  Store and keep in fridge. Will stay good up to a week.

As always I challenge myself to see the outcome and I was very happy to see that I got the most delightful cherry bars like those you see splashed on all Fb food pages and now my agenda is to try out as many fruit bars , some with crumble topping too.

Although the cherry bars turned out well, I would have preferred a crumbly top and next time I am going to do a cherry crumble  bar or maybe a strawberry crumble bar. The crunch of the nuts is something to relish, rather than the chewy texture of the bar. Both ways the bar is definitely a hit.

The melted butter really enhances the taste of the bar.