Toasted Oats,Almonds,Orange Chocolate Squares

You will find in several food sites various recipes for chocolate nobake squares or barks.

Everyone has their own choice of ingredients to use in the chocolate bark or square.
I made these no bake chocolate squares out of leftover chocolate.The procedure is very simple.Your kids can do this as it involves no cooking apart from melting chocolate.

healthy oats, almonds and chocolate orange squares for kids treats, gifts for Christmas


Melt chocolate in a double boiler and add orange zest,toasted almonds,toasted oats.

Mix well and quickly pour on a parchment lined baking sheet and keep refrigerated for three hours.

You can take it out after an hour or so to make the sections in the chocolate slab to  make it easier to cut into squares once the chocolate has hardened.

The quantity of almonds and toasted  oats will depend on the amt of chocolate you use. one or two  tsp of orange zest should be enough. I added some orange drink powder too to get the orange tastes in the chocolate.

This is a delicious treat  for children who are craving for chocolates.