Things To Do Around Your Home To Declutter And Organise

I thought of taking a short respite from posting recipes and share some of my other interests .

For instance we are constantly seeking for new ideas  that we can implement in a cost effective way without burning a hole in your pocket.

Some of us may be living in small spaces but would like to add aesthetics and yet be able to keep all their stuff in an organized manner.There are plenty of sites that share such ideas.

I find the idea of having a small unused basket to hold all our current reading materials,books,cookery books etc is a good idea to lug it around!

This is the most ingenious way of keeping all our chords together and such simple solution.

This is a neat way of keeping your most frequently worn clothes or outerwear,  a hanging rack and the smaller basket fixed to two simple painted wooden pallets seem neat.

Iam frantically hunting for a partitioned basket to keep my stuff in the living room. No more hunting for remotes,specs,mobiles.You can have them all in one basket.

Wouldn't I love a cosy nook in my living room or even in a bedroom corner and keep stuff that I use like books or snacks too in a easy pull out from the wooden bench upholstered with cushions.This is a simple DIY project where you use wooden pallets to make the simple bench,paint and cushion them. This is perfect for a lovely window with a view.


Now this is a very simple no carpentry solution to keeping shelves raised  by keeping three different sized low benches one above the other and using the storage for anything.
Painting them gaily and the different sizes makes for a good conversation piece

Think out of closet is more like it.This is a very attractive way to use a closet space for a study/work area .
All the clutter if any is hidden with the closet doors.Am looking for empty closets in my place.

I personally picked a few pictures for the ideas and unfortunately did not bother to keep the site info as well for a tutorial.. Next time I will post complete details with tutorials. In the meantime you may find some of these useful and can be executed easily. I will update these posts as soon as I get the original site address. If any of you come across kindly share it below to help others follow the tutorials. Meanwhile Icame across some more exciting pages which gives tutorials where necessary. Heres my pick.   the site has great tutorials for craft

some other interesting pages I wanted to share for exciting home makeovers ...