Strawberry,Apple Banana and Dates Smoothie

Strawberry,apples , Banana and dates smoothie.

This is another grab and go kind of breakfast.When you are on the run and have no time for a sit down breakfast, this should suffice especially for kids who are perpetually late for their breakfast. This may be poured in a sealed takeaway tumblers too with a straw .

This is a very filling and satisfying smoothie ,delicious and nutritious.There are so many other ways to make this an even more filling healthier option.

You can combine strawberries with other fruits,add cooked oatmeal,date syrup and avoid sugar and blend in a mixer to get a thick delicious smoothie.

You can do this with fresh yogurt too to get a thick lassi like flavour.

My version is to combine strawberries with apples bananas ,dates and give it a whizz in the mixer and sweeten with date syrup if required.

Garnish the top with sliced nuts or almond slivers.