Spring Summer Salads

With the onset of Spring it is quite tempting to try out as many spring salads with fresh veggies.
Often one is tempted to add as many greens and veggies in one salad as possible.It is healthy too.

One such spring salad which is easily prepared is the sprouted green lentils,lettuce,grated vegetable salad which we have almost regularly.

It is so easy that your kid could toss all the favourite veggies and make this fast.
I keep a box of mixed sprouts of different lentils in the refrigerator to add to almost most of my vegtarian dishes.

Even when you have one main gravy dish , it has become mandatory to include some exciting salad everyday.the sprouts come handy at these times . Here I have given some varieties of salads which you can toss up easily with the fresh veggies from your refrigerator.

Personally I do not prepare any salad dressing in advance and also do not buy store sold dressings,  preferring to make them fresh as it really does not take much time.

Some tips for quick dressings. Keep lime varieties always stocked.Keep some herbs, cilantro, spinach and some greens always in the fridge. Make your own sprouts and a dressing of cilantro lime is enough to give a tasty salad. I d not like to add oils in my salads but use some fresh cottage cheese to crumble on top.

This spring salad needs:

For the dressing:

You can customize the dressing you like.
Here I have made a dressing of little oil,chopped coriander leaves ,lime juice and little black salt.

Drizzle the dressing over the veggies and toss the salad.