Recipes for Vishu/Tamil New Year

I had already posted the pictures of the menu for Vishu and Tamil New year but couldn't find the time to post the recipes until now.

As we celeberate both festivals together I usually keep the menu largely Kerala based with Avial,Eriseri,Kaalan,Olan,Puliseri, Thorans, three varieties of pickles and Sambhar.Rasam,Aama Vadai ,Vermicelli Payasam from the Tamil New year included.
All in all it is a great gastronomic affair ,one that leaves you fully satiated with all the flavours ranging from the sweet.sour,tangy,spicy,cool and so many infusing ones it is hard to describe.

After Deevali I think this is one great festival laden with such culinary delights bringing out all the seasonal produce on the table.

Cabbage Thoran:



In a medium sized pan ,put the oil and once it is heated add the mustard seeds.Let the mustard seeds pop add the udad da, 11/2 green chilli.

Add the chopped cabbage ,and add other ingredients except the grated coconut.
Add little water to cook the cabbage. Meanwhile take the 1/2 cup of grated coconut,add 1/2 tsp of jeera,2 small green  chillies and pinch of turmeric powder and run it lightly in the mixie to get a coarse dry paste. 
Keep it aside to be added later.

Check to see if the cabbage is done and last step add the coconut/green chilli/cumin gratings to the cooked cabbage and mix well.Garnish with curry leaves.