Rava Masala Upma ( Semolina cooked with Indian spices and veggies)

Upma /Uppitu is a regular fare in the South Indian's menu.Almost everyweek some form of rava/ semolina is used to make either rava khichdi,regular upma/uppitu or this popular version Masala upma which seems to be popular in Bangalore and some southern cities. Served with coconut chutney and or with sambar this makes a great filling breakfast option.

Whichever way rava / semolina  does help you in the kitchen to quickly put your breakfast on the table.

When members of family turn away from regular upma this one is very apt as it gives many flavors and loaded with veggies and accompanied with sambar/chutney this is a divine breakfast option.


Preparation method

In a heavy bottomed pan roast the rava/semolina  if using non roasted variety till golden colour and keep aside.

In a pan put the oil and add the mustard seeds,after it crackles add the split udad dal and green chilli. Add the veggies and the curry leaves. If using onions, saute them well till translucent and pink .

Pour around 31/2 cups of water to 4 cups in the pan and allow to boil well,add salt,turmeric powder,hing,masala powder and sprigs of coriander leaves and curry leaves. The veggies should be cooked little soft and the water should be boiling.

When it boils well add the rava slowly to prevent lumps from forming and keep stirring the upma which may appear to be very soggy like but when it is done it will come together. At this stage you can add 2 tsp of ghee which is optional but enhances the aroma.

Cover the pan and let cook for couple of minutes .

Take it off the stove when it is still porridge like but should be cooked. It will be shiny. Let it sit for couple of minutes, stir well and your masala upma is done. garnish with cashews and coriander leaves.

This can be served with sambar or chutney. Whichever way it tastes great and a change from the regular upma which our moms serve . Can be served with a tsp of hot ghee .

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