Rava Idli ( with sooji)

There are so many options to having idlis. The most popular and the easiest of them all is the rava idli.
It is not possible to have freshly ground batter all the time and sometimes in case of emergencies when unexpected guests drop in the rava idlis come very handy and tasty too.

Almost every house has a stock of this versatile ingredient.
Rava or semolina/sooji as it is called comes in different textures and called by many names.
You can choose any medium grained rava that you normally choose for upma/pittu .The recipe is very simple and you can make variations of this by adding little grated veggies.



If using non roasted rava ,roast till a light golden brown and let cool. In a pan put little oil and let the mustard pop,add the greenchillies,cumin and sprigs of curry leaves.Put the yogurt on the rava and mix in all the ingredients. except the eno fruit salt .Let it sit for 15 minutes.
When you are about to make the idlis ,put the eno salt ,stir well and grease the idli moulds and put the batter in the moulds and steam for 10 minutes till done.
Let cool and unmould. Ease out the idlis with a spoon and serve with sambar or chutneys of your choice.