Podalangai Poduthuval - Palakkad speciality (snake gourd curry)

This is yet another favourite sidedish from childhood days.Poduthuval is vegetables prepared by using grated coconut,green chillies,cumin and turmeric with  a handful of cooked toor dal or moong dal.

This features almost everyday in Kerala cuisine. Although the ingredients seem so simple and the preparation method so easy this is one tasty dish altogether.

You can choose a variety of vegetables to prepare Poduthuval. Most popular being snake gourd,cabbage,carrots,beans,green plantain.



Take a wide pan and put some oil ,when heated put the mustard seeds, let it pop,add the split udad dal
Add the chopped snakegourd in the pan and stir ,add turmeric powder,salt.

Cook the vegetables with little water and add handful of toor dal or mong dal which will also get partially cooked with the vegetables.That is fine because you dont want the dals to be cooked mushy.

Meanwhile grind the coconut gratings with green chillies,cumin coarsely in the small jar of the mixie.
Add the ground mixture to the cooked vegetables when almost done and stir once or twice with the vegetables and remove from stove. you should add water enough  for cooking vegetables only and not to make this into a gravy consistency. 

Garnish with sprigs of curry leaves.