Patra ( Spicy steamed Taro leaf rolls or spirals)

Patra, Patrode., Aluchi Vadya , dish and so many names according to the regions where they come from. Arbi leaves,Colocasia leaves or Taro leaves are very nutritious.

Patra,Ptarveliya as it is known in Gujarat and Aaluchi Vadiya in Maharashtra is a delectable, sweet,sour,tangy,spicy savory  made from steamed Taro leaves filled with delightful ingredients but easily available in kitchen.

I am very glad that I decided to food blog as now I am digging out all my old collection of handwritten recipes of my favorite dishes. The Gujarati influence is apparent in some of the dishes I choose to prepare as I grew up in Rajkot and have memories of eating these mouthwatering dishes and my mother prepared both south Indian and Gujarati dishes  with the Palakkad dishes also making frequent  appearances.I consider myself lucky to have  experienced these different regional flavors  I forgot to mention my favorite cuisine from Karnataka too particularly from North Karnataka. I will be adding dishes from all these states as I am familiar with them.

Keep the leaf in this direction and remove the middle thick vein with the help of a knife.

Keep the other leaf in the opposite direction and apply paste as shown.Fold the edges of the leaves as shown.

Rolls are ready for steaming. You may need three or four leaves to be kept one upon another to make a roll.With 10 leaves you can make around 3 rolls.
After steaming they look like this slightly darkened but cooked.

When cooled completely cut into slices and resist the temptation to pop into your mouth  as you have to temper and add the grated coconut to give the final touch.
 Cut into slices of desired thickness.



Wash the leaves carefully  so as not to tear them and dry them well with a kitchen towel.

Keep the leaves aside while we prepare the besan/chickpea flour mixture

 Combine the besan,salt,jaggery,tamrind pulp,green chilli ginger paste,coriander powder,cumin powder,garam masala,.baking soda,asafoetida powder,turmeric powder,sesame seeds with little water enought o make a thick paste.Take care while adding water.We dont want the paste to leak from the leaves.

The consistency should be such that we should be able to smear it well on the leaves.

Take one leaf with the vein side fa-cuing you and place on a clean  dry surface.
Snip off the thick middle vein carefully to help folding the leaf.

Place the leaf with the tip facing towards you and apply the besan/gram paste all over generously.
Apply the besan on another leaf and place it on the first leaf with the tip in opposite direction.See the pics above. Continue this way for two or three more leaves depending on the size of the leaves and the size of the rolls you want to cut.after applying the paste on the leaves,fold them first the horizontal longer side both edges and then like an envelope fold both the opposite sides and apply more paste on the flaps.

Then roll like a cylinder and apply the paste on the outer edges of the cylinder to stick together.

Steam the rolls in a steamer for 20 minutes till done.You can check to see if it is done by poking with a knife.
Keep all the steamed rolls till cooled and then cut them into spirals or circlets of half inch thickness.

Temper the rolls with 2 tsp oil and mustard seeds and pour over the rolls.
Finally garnish with grated copra or fresh coconut.
This is usually eaten as it and tastes good.Enjoy!